Perspective for Beginners | Part One: One-Point Perspective

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    New Masters AcademyNew Masters Academy
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    In this series, acclaimed artist and instructor Gary Meyer will impart on you his knowledge of multi-point perspective, light and shadow, and reflections. He will start by teaching you the basics of drawing in 1-Point Perspective. In this first lesson, his rules-of-thumb regarding vanishing points, picture planes, and measuring points will give you a foundation of understanding for accurately drawing the proportions and distances between objects near and far from the viewers eye. Beginning with illustrated definitions and demonstrations of the important guidelines, then identifying these same principles in photographs, Gary will finish by leading you in an exercise of drawing a room in your own house in 1-Point Perspective.


    • 18″ x 24″ Marker Paper
    • T-Square
    • Drawing Board with Metal Edge
    • 30-60-90 Triangle
    • 45-90 Triangle
    • Architect’s Scale
    • C-Thru Ruler
    • Tombow Mono Professional Drawing Pencil
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    how can i download the pdf instructions shown on video? i cant find the link

    Trevor Newhart
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    I want to be accountable to my courses and available to critique, so I am going to upload images of all of my assignments.
    Her is my rough:
    1pt perspective Rough
    Here is my cleaned up piece:

    1pt Finished
    One immediate lesson that I pulled from the assignment was to add details beginning near the station point and working to the vanishing point. I kept adding small details only to realize that they would be blocked from view by an object I hadn’t penciled in yet. This created a lot of tangents and confused the perspective. I am really happy with the understanding of 1 point that I have gained from this first portion of the course. Measuring depth, width, and height and working with a triangle make for a surprisingly meditative practice. I am very excited to move on to two point perspective.

    Daniel DaigleDaniel Daigle
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    Hi Trevor, if you don’t get any feedback here, you can try posting in one of the critique forums or you can post in one of the critique channels on our discord

    my very small critique would be to make sure your ellipses are in perspective too, it will make a huge difference!

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    Hi all 🙂 does anyone know which kind of architect scale we need as it seems there are several kinds (i believe with different ratios)?  thanks in advance!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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