Perspective 2: Views and Measuring in 1 Point Perspective

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    In this second lesson of the series, artist and veteran instructor Erik Olson continues to demonstrate the process of referencing and determining scale in perspective as well as introducing set-up views and measuring in 1 point perspective. You will learn from drawings, lectures, and master paintings in order to show the critical relationship between an artist’s initial excitement over an idea, and the ability to realize a resolved version of that idea.



    • 45-45-90 Transparent Triangle Ruler
    • 30-60-90 Transparent Triangle Ruler
    • Alvin Pro-Matic Lead Holder – 2H Lead
    • Alvin Rotary Lead Pointer
    • T-Square Ruler
    • Protractor
    • Prismacolor Verithin Colored Pencil – Red/Blue
    • Paintbrush
    • Kneaded Eraser
    • Hard Eraser
    • Helix Technical Compass



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    I feel like I got lost in this lesson. I think it would be best if he demonstrated how he got the 45 degree MP for example without drawing the SP or 30 and 45 MPs.


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    I would love assignment ideas and instructor video examples of said assignments for this entire series! I think it would help beginners understand the concepts betters since they force us to think and put them into practice 🙂

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    In the first frame, how was the building referenced to the 45 degree MP?

    Kevin Gibbons
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    He put a 45 degree angle up to his computer flat screen and forgot to tell us. It later lessons, he tells us he does this.

    David Rice
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    I don’t understand how in the plans and elevations the sp looked seven feet away from the object and picture plane but then in the perspective view it was like two feet away.

    Daniel DaigleDaniel Daigle
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    Hi David, I’m not sure I follow your question. Are you talking about foreshortening?
    Could you send time stamps and chapters to help me understand?

    Vivek S
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    why is station point auxilary 45 deg point for vertical lines?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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