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    In this first lesson of the series, artist and veteran instructor Erik Olson introduces perspective in a complete and unabridged pictorial form for artists. Erik walks you through the process of integrating compositional thumbnails and sketches with perspective all the way through to fully formal, measured perspective. You will learn how to use perspective as a tool for the artist, to serve compositional and conceptual goals. The practices and proofs that you will learn are derived from the Renaissance all the way to present day methods.



    • 45-45-90 Transparent Triangle Ruler
    • 30-60-90 Transparent Triangle Ruler
    • Alvin Pro-Matic Lead Holder – 2H Lead
    • Alvin Rotary Lead Pointer
    • T-Square Ruler
    • Protractor
    • Prismacolor Verithin Colored Pencil – Red/Blue
    • Paintbrush
    • Kneaded Eraser
    • Hard Eraser
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    In Lesson 17:  Diagram 11 Building Same Sized Box Cars with Equal Spaces, the subsequent box cars drawn after the first one gets smaller and smaller.  I’m confused.  They are supposed to be the same size.

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    Very useful lesson reality. However, for my own clarity, I wanted to check the following:-

    There’s a mistake you’ve done while drawing the third 3-D box car. The reason being that the wrong reference point was used for drawing the Red line.

    Thank You!

    Rachel DeSantisRachel DeSantis
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    Question: In Lesson 1.15: Diagram 9 (Repeating Squares and Cubes)–why draw the vertical line half way across the squares? Also, why show the 45 degree angle? P.S. These lessons have been very helpful so far thank you 🙂

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    This series is extremely helpful and so necessary. This is exactly why I keep my membership, the content is gold. Thank you!

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    Thank you Erik Olson for the excellent course!

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    Hi! I hope I’m posting this in the right place. I am currently working through lesson one and have tried practicing some of the concepts by myself to see if I understand them properly. I was wondering if I have the concepts of placing a figure in space right/in perspective in this image. I don’t currently have a 45 degree angle so I found the height with a ruler and laid it down instead, does that still work?

    Practicing placing figures of the same height in perspective.

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