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    In this lesson, world-renowned pastel artist Ellen Eagle shares her personal pastel technique in-depth as she creates a portrait of a female. Every step of the process is captured–from the first initial marks to the last finishing touches.You will learn how Ellen lays in her painting, develops local areas of color, makes important color decisions, and maintains correct proportions to create a stunning work of art. We encourage you to try your own portrait painting and follow along with Ellen through each of the stages of her process.


    • Prismacolor Nupastels – 96 Piece Set
    • Rembrandt Soft Pastels
    • Handheld Mirror
    • Chamois
    • Kneaded Eraser
    • Hard Charcoal Stick
    • Sanding Block
    • Blending Stumps – Large and Medium
    • Single Edge Razor Blades
    • Homemade Pastel Board – Cold-Pressed Illustration Board Primed with Gesso and Pumice, Sanded and Toned with Grey Acrylic
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    Even without drawing yourself, this demonstration is just beautiful to watch a master in action! It would be great if there were more from Ellen!!!

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    Love the demo but it would be helpful if the names of the colors of the pastels used on the portraits would’ve been listed at the beginning or the end.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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