Oona’s 100 Days of Sketching Classical Scenes from Imagination

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    Hi, I already started this quietly at the beginning of July just to make sure I’d have a realistic chance of following through: I am sketching a “classical” scene from imagination every day. My motivation is to practice drawing figures from imagination, and the classical/mythological scenes are good because using them I a) don’t have to think too much about _what_ to draw and can focus on the _how_ , and b) they usually deal with pretty intense human/emotional interactions, so they are always meaningful even taken out of their original religious context. Not just drawing random figures out of my head but drawing meaningful ones, and always two or more people _interacting_ with each other somehow. (By “classical scenes” I mean scenes from Greek and Roman and Christian mythology as they have been portrayed by European art in the last 3000 years or so, basically riffing off the history of classical European painting in the process.)

    The sketches themselves can be as sketchy as they will. They don’t even need to be recognizable. This is to basically eliminate excuses. If I only have the time/energy to draw two stick figures, that is ok, enough to fulfill my requirement. (But usually I will develop things at least a bit farther than stick figures.) If I should simply forget this, I can make up for it by doing 2 the next day, but no more. I can also make extras in advance if I know I have a period of time coming up where I am likely to forget about them. (But I am not sure I’ll have to make use of either of those emergency measures. So far I have done them faithfully every day of July.)

    I might decide afterwards to go through them again and correct myself, or do another 100 or 30 day challenge to develop some of the collected ideas into paintings or more finished drawings, but that is a decision I’ll only make _after_ I’ve finished this challenge. For now it is all about getting comfortable with inventing figures in the first place.

    I won’t post every day though, as I (try to not be/) am not online every day, and posting pics is a bit of a hassle for me.

    First batch of pics coming tomorrow, just writing it down now to make sure I don’t chicken out of posting them;)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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