Maxime’s 100 day challenge, sketching and visual development

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    Hello everyone !

    I’m Maxime, from France.

    I’m superglad to start this challenge, even if i’m a little bit stressed out I have to admit.

    I stopped drawing and never pushed anything for years, not being able to go through the necessary steps in order to get better.

    So i want to take it easy and just learn first to enjoy again the process of drawing something, not worrying to much with the result, but doing my best everytime.

    Overall I want to draw with a general theme in mind, a witch in her house, probably in the forest.

    I want to explore this theme, I want to learn to stay consistent and focused. Digital medium, first sketching, studies, inventions, then value studies, and then a trial at colors.

    Thanks for the opportunity and cheers to everyone 😊

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    Si first day, starting slow with a few sketches. A little bit everywhere, a witch at different ages…
    Obviously rough and with not much meaning.
    I want to work more on structure tomorrow, next to even more cartoony style drawings in order to explore expressions.
    I have to start to look for references as well.

    Thank you for reading, and see you tomorrow 😊

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    Like the expression a lot.

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    Thanks a lot Katherine !

    Here is my sketch for today. Not what I planned but a sketch anyway. It’s been a while since i’ve done two sketches in two days.

    I passed by some nice old stone stairs that I loved… I want the witch’s house to be somewhat close to nature. I don’t know yet if she’s gonna be shy and introvert, or willing to show off if that make sense 😅. We’ll see.

    The sketck could benefit some clarity and i’m terrible with drawing plants or moss.

    if someone as a good ressource, or mark making style I can reap off ?! 🤣

    Thank you everybody, and see you tomorrow !

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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