Interview with Stan Prokopenko

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    In this episode, sculptor and NMA program director Johanna Schwaiger will be interviewing Stan Prokopenko, the founder of Proko online art school and the creator of a Youtube channel with over 2 million subscribers. Proko will be sharing with you his experience teaching at Watts Atelier of the Arts, tips on time management, and what to do when you get burnt out creatively. You will also learn some of his business advice and the beginning story of his Youtube channel.

    This episode belongs to the podcast Path to Mastery. In this series, Johanna Schwaiger will be interviewing professionals in different visual art fields. Each artist will share their art practice, creative stories, and career advice to help inspire you. Whether you want to become a full-time studio artist or work for large production companies, these motivational episodes will give you the valuable insights that prepare you for your upcoming mastery.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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