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    No points.

    (so much text sorry! but I had just too much fun. English is not my native language so don’t mind my mistakes! I am learning still♥)

    Hello guys! Seems like we have here people all around the world! which is great 🙂
    Lots of different perspectives makes it spicier!

    Me, myself? Well, I consider myself as a beginner even if my best friend keeps on saying I am better than that.
    Lol you cannot really be a beginner if you are not a baby. All of us have had pen in our hands when we were kids- or so I hope that you have had this opportunity.

    My mother says I did start my drawings under the tv table. I might even have a picture of that somewhere at my parents old house.
    Yes, I did also like our white walls? did you too haha?

    Okay, or should I say “Okei” as Finns do. Yes I am coming from Finland.
    I am atm 31-years-old woman. and I do am looking for a way in life.
    I’ve done my work as a cook so many years and felt like not fitting in that mold so well…( I often find myself actually feeling this way in my life. but I guess its O.K?)
    Maybe I am from some other planet, who knows?

    I think Art stuff never came to my mind (or it did but..↓)as work or something like that…even if I have always liked to do it and enjoy hearing about it.
    Might be the school….why I didn’t ever get into it too much.
    Schools just feel like not giving it enough credit. It’s either way mathematics or some sports they liked u to do. Even teachers said arts don’t bring any coin…

    So at school I was bullied to be different.
    That might not come as surprise when you think of that. I actually went it through so in called ” the worst class ever”. Even teachers said it.
    Yet, just 3 years(+3 at other school) but it was kind of enough to (add some bad word here) my head a lot.
    So for a long time in school I was acting as I was not there so they would not see me.
    Also I was trying to blend in, like u would try to do for unwanted paint in your pretty canvas(or maybe not, I am not much of a painter? but I would love to learn).

    Well… it wasn’t too bad. I had my way of fleeing the thoughts.
    I had online-games and hobbies thank god!They were some sort of place for me where I could be anyone I want to be and show what I can do.

    As hobbies I did: ceramics, Scouting(nature♥), taekwondo and Croquis-classes.
    Also joined one Anime-club that really let me to search myself. I did love all those colorful people around me and the crazy and fantastic Animes we watched together.
    It’s also the way I found cosplaying too! It’s still one of my dearest hobbies that I do.
    Not everyone gets it but its no problem, I don’t blame you. It can look funny from the side view or maybe even fascinating!

    I do love all that costume making and solving the problems how I get my wings stay on my back etc.(never had wings tho, but there has been many objects that were going against gravity.)
    And of course the feeling when u have done the costume, it looks great! and then u meet people in events that shares the same interests as u.

    Anyways, primary school was..what it was. No hard feelings.
    I was still lost so I decided to follow my friends to Gymnasium(I wonder if u guys use this term?)
    Still felt not like my place but I passed and got even done some arts(like all of the courses they had at that time to offer) + diploma in visual arts!! with max points Wo~hou!(it was big for me.)

    After this school I went to learn some Decor-textiles, how to do curtains and so on.
    There was also some photoshop-, Croquis-classes and making own prints for shirts and textiles anyways! So yes, I felt good but still felt like maybe not…my.. thing…
    I feel like I never find my place but still I decided to go another school.

    First was design assistant, that I lasted for half year, before I just quit. Distance learning was not my thing, as we met only  for a day per month..(who knows what I would be doing now if it was just normal school.)

    Hmm, okay! so u guys know that I am cook! So I am not going into that too much.
    Those 2 years of school were great! I enjoyed it. Got to learn great stuff and serve food in cool events.
    And now when I am not so into cooking anymore after doing the job some years….my mother and others keeps on asking why I don’t just do baking? Like cakes and such?
    I still feel its the same tempo they have in kitchen…the stress…how much you do for such a tiny coin…it’s not worth! No no…my head cannot handle that.

    So yes, here we are! Corona happened! And I kind of lost the job at the time! there were less restaurants open/less hours.
    I was doing this and that to get money(well not anything bad haha). And I was trying to figure out what to do.
    Corona surely gave me some time to think! and for that I am grateful that it happened…even if its not great! I’m not saying that it is. But It stopped the time flow~~I got more time for my own, to think what I want.

    So, to go to the point we have been trying to get is == I am trying to get to Art school ==!
    Last Spring I applied to one. I got to the next and last part of the exam. But oh…I was too stressed and failed my stuff… I can see what went wrong so. Felt bad! but I am a fighter as u might know by now. Even the teacher said to try again.
    (exams were at home, 3½days and 4 works to do in that time.)
    What I am now doing here is practicing for the next spring entrance examinations! ~Wish me Luck! and maybe give me some good advices on the way ♥♥ I don’t mind creative/constructive comments! Actually any comment will do 🙂 !

    I also bought myself a nice Drawing screen(XP-PEN) for pc. I have been trying to learn it now. But I barely can do good looking line art.
    I am looking forward to learn to color my art with it and maybe get it look more like painting! It sure is hard!

    The program I use is Clipart studio(sadly no photoshop on my pc anymore, as I don’t study but this one is great one too and cheaper!) I saw here was just photoshop videos.. but gladly internet is full of Clipart Tutorials♥
    Yea, “normal Painting” on canvas would be on it’s own challenge for me. I never got into it much but I have a lot of paints just waiting me to get active!

    I am still not sure what to do and where to start my Journey in NMA(still watching what the site has for me to offer…and where to start…so much stuff! hmm is there some stuff u guys do together?
    But anyways I am so glad I applied in for a year!
    Here I am working from my home”office”. Ready to learn~

    Cheers! Hope to see you around!

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