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    I’m Alessio and i’m glad to meet with you all in the NMA forums. I’ve been interested into drawing since years past after i was inspired by looking at a bunch of amateur drawings back then, and lately i’ve been inspired off oriental drawing styles such as the art of Anime & Manga, which is also a very common hobby in Japan. My childhood wasn’t really full of that stuff, but i recall i used to watch lots of Japanese animation back when in Italy used to air them at a often rate before around the 2010s started to degrade. I started attempting to draw on digital back around mid 2010s with an old Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch back when i never knew anything important about solid foundations, so when i started doing that i could say i never really knew how to draw. Over the first drawings, i started hearing A LOT on foundations, and used to ignore them until i come to my realization i never actually used to draw on paper, so time flew until in near end of 2019 i started doing drawings on a small sketchbook of my favourite characters when i used to watch some anime such as Madoka Magica. However, my discipline quite lacked a bit as i struggled a lot figuring out how to draw the torso, for example, and i did not have proper knowledge of drawing in space, but that did not stop me from keeping on drawing on paper, but did feel like i want to not touch digital for a long period until around 2021 i’ve bought a Huion Kamvas ’16 since i did not like screen-less tablets anymore (i had to pass my Wacom Intuos tablet to my brother if he needed it).

    But it was around 2020 when i began trying to adapt a self-taught discipline for drawing. Out of the resources i’ve been using to try to learn foundations is DrawABox, which explains spatial reasoning with some critical information, then i also heard about Brent Eviston, which i used to follow his courses on Skillshare before eventually buying all his courses during a sale on Udemy (i bought all of them during this new year sale). Lastly, while i was in the official Drawabox discord, i eventually discovered this platform having a subscription sale, so i felt like i wanted to give a try and began to roll in here. Unfortunately, i currently have a lacking in speaking English but can write well enough due to my lack of discipline in training it. I hope that isn’t important.

    Coming back to my ambitions, my ultimate ambition utterly changed around this recent year as i was heavily influenced by oriental asian artists such as Yoh Yoshinari (one of the artists from Studio Trigger who got me to watch BNA: Brand New Animal on Netflix), Kim Jung Gi (man, that guy is yet amazing and terrifying at the same time), Krenz Cushart, and a bunch of others i’ve been following on ArtStation. Here in Italy we’re full of decent artists who draw more comic book art than anime, but i’ve become recently interested into trying to enter in entertainment / concept art territory as i noticed how digital art can be so exciting to get with once you understand. Thing is, however, it has been only recently that i bought Clip Studio Paint and still trying to understand this program. I’m aiming to become a digital artist with proficiency on figure drawing so that i want to make anime-inspired art, while i’m currently in the A Beginner’s Course to Drawing course while i’m trying to follow the Course Guide PDFs this site provides. I will be going to follow the Entertainment Design track with some slight course additions, but do you guys think using a digital tablet is fine to follow some courses? Even tought i’ve been starting the first courses with my sketchbook, i don’t want to really buy color tools to paint on my sketchbook since i want to save some to do in digital.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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