Head Drawing 1 | Part 5: Facial Features

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    In this series, instructor Charles Hu teaches you his approach to beginning head drawing. This six-part series will cover: Proportions, the Structure of the Skull, Laws of Light, Achieving Likeness, Facial Features, and Facial Expressions. In this fifth lesson,  Charles shows you the intricacies of drawing the eyes, nose, and ears.

    Go to the reference tab for the same images that Charles used for his drawings!



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    Thank you ! Very informative!  As you are starting with the outline of the head and working your way from outside to inside..how do you account for the width to height relationship?  How do you know how wide the keystone is, and the eyes in relations to the head.  I see you taking a relationship from the edge of the hair on the forehead to the corner of the eye.. but how do you know that this is right with the width?  I have seen artists working from inside  to outside, starting with an eye and adjusting the width as the drawing is always measured form the center.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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