Greatest self education program I have been apart of.

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    Brandon Scribner
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    There are at times too many paths for young artists to take. With the seemingly ever growing expansion of the internet, the resources it contains, and the potential reach it has, there are hidden gems that sprout up here and there. The New Masters Academy is one of those gems.

    I have graduated and now spin my wheels in grad-school. I have attended four universities in my 8 years of college thus far. I have absorbed more information in the last 4 years with NMA because of the versatility of an online platform. Being able to start, stop, think, follow along, and repeat as many times as I need is the greatest. Setting ones pace in the race of 10,000 hours is very important. The speed at which everyone learns is different. I am someone who learns by copying, I then can digest the information because my hands seem to remember what to do before my brain does.

    I think it is extremely important that the ways we learn changes with the times. Each year a new way of learning it going to get closer to perfection, changing how we thought we should do something just a small time before. Those changes are key to your success. If someone is unwilling to change, they are unwilling to learn.

    I hope that the change you need to become the best version of yourself. Is here.

    The path welcomes you.

    Thank you.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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