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    In this series, master draftsman Glenn Vilppu shares with you his approach to figure drawing. In this fourth lesson of the series, Glenn covers cylinder forms. He begins with a lecture introducing the concept of cylinder forms in figure drawing, followed by an analysis of cylinder forms in Old Master works. Glenn will then illustrate these concepts in two figure drawing demonstrations.


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    I’m not sure if anyone is paying attention to posts here, but I have a question. I have begun this training by Glen. I feel my drawing has gotten worse since I starting using his method. Is anyone else having the same experience?

    yours truly

    Richard Powell

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    How does Glenn use polychromos pencils so gracefully? his lines look very thin and clean. I have the same pencils sharpened the same way as his, and try to hold my hand similar to his,  however my lines are very thick and messy in comparison.

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    I feel the exact same thing. I’ve been pushing my way through it and I’ve found out that my drawings are better when I don’t use the same holding position of the pencil ( I use tripod grip?!). But trust me you are learning the skill.

    The time limite is this session probably is main issue.

    I’ve tried to draw the same pictures but without any time limit and it went much much better. Pratice over and over again and be paciente (I know it’s hard).

    For each lesson I give my self a week of pratice, then I move to the next one. Also draw things you like just for some loose and  fun drawings sessions. You’ll see how many unexpected cool drawings will pop out. And that’s super motivating.
    Learning from video lessons is always hard but you can do it, trust me!

    I hope this helped you in anyway.



    Denie Kony
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    anyone noticed Glenn talking about a person who drew the right foot on the left foot, ending with: “Happens to the best of us?”

    I am not really sure, but it feels to me like it happened here also, gave me a smile.

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    I haven’t watched yet but this is to let you know someone is reading posts! This forum doesn’t seem overly active, anyhow ,I just started NMA. Cheers!

    Michele M
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    I love Glenn’s course. But did everybody noticed that the example from cambiaso in the cylinder lesson is in reality Mantegna’s Christ?

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    Good catch. If we get a chance we will correct that in the future.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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