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    This is a fantasy art creature I created based on writings from a friend of mine. I did the original drawing traditionally on 9×12 bristol smooth paper, using Micron ink pens / whiteout for highlights. The color and effects were added digitally using PhotoShop.

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    Hi there!

    I really enjoy the colour palette you selected for this piece. Its really helping create a dramatic sense of mood. In terms of the highlights, I think that you should consider keeping them more focused on one side of the figure, as right now all of the highlights are a little bit overwhelming. You might want to consider choosing a direct light source and keep them on this side. I appreciate how you kept the background a more simple, and its helping focus the attention on the figure. The last suggestion I would make is it feels like the proportions of the figure are a bit squashed on the lower half of the figure, even though this figure is more of a creature. I would suggest using the lasso tool and pulling the lower half of the form down a bit. The figure might feel a bit more balanced this way. Hope this was a helpful critique! I’m an illustrator who works in pen and ink myself with a combination of photoshop, so I really admire how you made all of these different media work together. Keep up the good work!


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    What a dramatic scene!

    So it appears to be an alien creature wearing a wolf pelt on his head, standing in the rain holding a human head in his hand. He’s holding an ax type weapon in his other hand looking forward as if ready to kill again.

    The color is dramatic and intense, particularly on the figure. The entire figure is covered in areas of high contrast, between the red, black, and white. The crosshatching adds a lot of business without much information, causing it to be confusing to the eye. The white highlights are also confusing, seeming to come from two directions.

    I’d recommend choosing which direction the light is coming from and taking away the white highlights from the dark side.

    But overall very intense and dramatic. Seems like you got a cool story there.

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    Thank you for the critique!  I agree, I was totally going crazy with the white highlights.  Honestly I was playing around with the outlining of the character.  So I wasn’t paying attention to the direction of light.  I definitely need to go back and correct it.  I can’t take complete credit for the color palette as it was inspired heavily by some of comic artist Jim Lee’s art.  I thought the contrast he had on some of his work would look good over my art as well, so I tried it out.

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    @chrislegaspi critiqued your work @deric10000!

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