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    New Masters AcademyNew Masters Academy
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    In this video lesson series Glenn Vilppu will break down each area of the human figure to show you the essential construction for drawing. You will learn about the anatomy of each region in addition to learning useful ways to think about the structures three-dimensionally.


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    jeremy harlinson
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    Hey how come the photo is from a different angle to the drawing?

    Daniel DaigleDaniel Daigle
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    Hi Jeremy, this is because Glenn drew from a live model. When this happens we can not simultaneously capture Glenn and the model from Glenns vantage point. The camera would have to be where Glenns head is. However, in later courses we have found workarounds for this.  With this said, Glenn stresses the fact that we should never copy what we see, we should analyze the form and action and apply it to our drawing. Glenn also likes to draw the models from different angles than what he sees. You can see examples of this in his Friday live stream courses, especially when the model is straight on with the camera. He will use his imagination and understanding of form to turn the model or exaggerate the action.  He is able to do this because he analyses rather than simply copying the model. I hope this information is useful to you 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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