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    Cindy DELORY
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    Alexander Alexis
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    Assignment 1:


    assignment 1


    Assignment 2:

    assignment 2a

    assignment 2b


    Assignment 3:


    assignment 3a

    assignment 3b

    Aurora Hernandez
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    Hello, Here are the assignments for week 4!

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    I am stuck on the drawing the cylinder part. I get confused with the eyeline and centreline.
    First of all, when the instructor draws the elipse on the eyeline – what is the viewer meant to be seeing? Looking directly at the object? Since the eyeline is not above or below it’s confusing me.

    Also, what is the purpose of the centre line? Is it to ensure the shape of the cylinder? As he doesn’t always draw the eyeline with it and the vanishing points.

    I also don’t understand the purpose of drawing many circles within the cylinder- is it meant to appear as if it’s turning.

    Sorry for all the questions- just felt very confused watching would appreciate some help!

    David MaDavid Ma
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    Hi Shola,

    Yes. an ellipse drawn on the eyeline, with no other information, means we’re looking directly at an ellipse (as opposed to a circle tilted in perspective). If it’s drawn as part of a cylinder, it will depend on which plane is closest to us.

    – If it’s the top plane, it’s leaning toward us (imagine a cylinder trying to give you a hug).
    – If it’s the bottom plane, it’s leaning away from us (imagine you pushed the cylinder away).
    – If it’s the side plane, it means we’re looking at something in the middle (imagine a Roman column).

    The center line is used to orient the ellipse correctly. The axes will be 90 degrees to each other. This will help with complex constructions.

    Drawing circles within the cylinder shows the cross contours. The farther side of a cylinder will be more rounded than the closer side.

    David MaDavid Ma
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    Simple form perspective

    Household objects

    Robin MauriceRobin Maurice
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    Week 1 Assignment 4 ! 2H and 4H graphite pencil. Did try to sketch some background/foreground elements in these. I think my stuff is really messy and I can’t seem to be able to get nice and clean contour lines. To be honest I don’t like erasing though I don’t know why. I like to leave construction lines, maybe because I was only drawing with ink prior to starting NMA. Back to practice and see you in the next lesson…






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