Creating Movement and Force

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    In the Foundations of Composition video lesson series, world-famous artist and instructor Glenn Vilppu offers you a rich understanding of the complex subject of composition in fine art. Glen lectures, demonstrates, and analyzes the Old Masters in his usual straightforward and concise style as he digs down to the practical tools of composition and how they can be applied to your own work. In this second lesson, Glenn teaches you how to move the viewer’s eye through the picture and create a sense of force and liveliness to your compositions. Glenn also analyzes the movement in several masterworks, giving you a firsthand understand of its application.


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    Kleber Pereira
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    Hello! There is something wrong with the subs, looks that it is not from this video series.

    Daniel DaigleDaniel Daigle
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    Hi Kleber, it seems to be correct on my end. Try flushing your cache and refreshing the page, if the issue persists, please send a screen shot, time stamp and link to “”

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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