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    I’m André Clements, in Johannesburg South Africa. I’ve been practicing and hybridizing various dimensions of art for some time and have increasingly been drawn back to, well, drawing. I host a local life-drawing group, have achieved some success with what I think of as post-digital painterly while holding down an interesting and stimulating day job in a marketing agency and submitting to the trials, tribulations and trying to embrace the treasures of family and life.

    While the confines of my demanding but by no means complaint-worthy, reasonably comfortable, middle-class resources and colonial heritage doesn’t presently allow me to afford something like NMA, it turns out my birthday is this week and the gods of providence deemed it appropriate to have a free trial, and have Steve Huston say in a YouTube video that it would be okay to, ahem, dip-and-bail, so to speak.

    Which is a round-about way of saying that I’m very excited about being in here, and about cramming what I can get out into the next ten days, but in all likelihood; sadly won’t be around much after that.

    But hey, life is short and here we are, so let’s do this thing.

    I’ve started by launching into the sketchbook ‘lesson’. Will post some of the output in that forum thread. Hope I can get hold of a fountain pen soon, that does look fun and very dynamic.

    Please feel free to make contact, I am not the most social of personalities but I do love thinking about and trying this.

    All the best to you.

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    No badges. No points.

    Damn, ten days passed much too quickly. Only just managed to obtain some fountain pen nibs today.

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