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Sculpting a Portrait from Imagination with Ed Fraughton

Sculpting a Portrait from Imagination
Learn to Sculpt Portraits! Get started with this in-depth tour of the art of portraiture

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Ed Fraughton
Anatomy, Head / Portrait, Modeling and Sculpting
Oil-Based Clay, Sculpting Tools
8h 34m 51s

In this video lesson, world-famous master sculptor Ed Fraughton takes you on a unique in-depth tour of the art of portraiture. Ed breaks down the anatomical and constructional elements of the head and demonstrates from a variety of sources including photographs and masks in order to give you a thorough understanding of portrait sculpting approaches and techniques. Ed also demonstrates on a portrait from imagination and lets the design take on its own personality.


  • Chavant Oil-Based Clay
  • Sculpting tools


Beginner / Intermediate

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