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Exploring Gesture and Structure with Steve Huston

Exploring Gesture and Structure
Master the Fundamentals of Figure Drawing! Join Steve Huston as he analyzes the most important concepts for drawing the figure

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Steve Huston
Drawing, Painting
Human Figure
Marker, Pencil
1h 3m 15s

World-acclaimed artist Steve Huston provides a method for you to conceptualize art at its most basic level. Steve demonstrates that “gesture” is an element of nature which you as an artist can use to bring life to your work. You will also learn about the concept of “structure” and how it can lend a sense of solidity and believability to your work. Steve goes on to show you how to leverage both of these elements in tandem to create powerful artwork.


  • Sharpie Markers – Black and Red
  • Newsprint Paper
Beginner Friendly

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