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Color Theory I: Color Temperature with Bill Perkins

Color Theory I: Color Temperature
Master the Principles of Color! Learn how to use color temperature to create believable light and form in your paintings

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Bill Perkins
Color, Painting
Brushes, Canvas, Oil Paints
2h 23m 34s

In this fourth lesson in the series instructor Bill Perkins will teach you how to work with warm and cool colors in your paintings. You will learn that temperature applies not only to a color or group of colors as a whole but also is used to describe the relationship between colors.


  • Grumbacher Artists’ Oil Colors – Black and White
  • Hog Hair Bristle Brushes – Filberts
  • Palette Knife
  • Silicoil Brush Cleaning Tank
  • Gamblin Gamsol Oderless Mineral Spirits
  • Metal Paint Scraper
  • Canvas Panels

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