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Anatomy Master Class Stream with Joshua Jacobo

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Joshua Jacobo
Anatomy, Human Figure
Fountain Pen, Pencil

This page is the Live Class stream for Anatomy Master Class. In this class, NMA founder Joshua Jacobo will lecture on the importance of anatomy in art and give you an overview of how to create your own plates to diagram the different parts of the skeleton. Joshua will demonstrate the tool and techniques he uses to make these plates.

Join Joshua Jacobo for an 8-week interactive Live Class, where he will guide you through the creation of anatomy reference plates. You will be diving deep into the construction of each major area of the human body as it relates to figure drawing. You will learn to simplify complex forms from any angle. Each week, Joshua will go through students’ submitted assignments to give critiques and advice. You can submit assignments each week by following the Submission Guidelines PDF in the Assignment Tab.

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