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1,000+ of hours of video

Your subscription gives you access to over 1,000 of hours of art instruction and other art resources.

Certificate Program

Get EXCLUSIVE enrollment in our New Masters Academy Certificate Program.

Image and 3D Libraries

Lifetime Membership gives you full access to our reference image and 3D model library.

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Lifetime members get the official New Masters Academy T-Shirt, which is not available for purchase anywhere else!

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Enroll today for a FREE one-on-one session with one of our expert career artists!

Signed Copy of Steve Huston's Book

Included with your Lifetime Membership is a signed copy of New Masters Academy Founding Instructor, Steve Huston’s new book: Figure Drawing for Artists: Making Every Mark Count

Learn from world-class master artists

Steve Huston

Glenn Vilppu

Charles Hu

Ed Fraughton

Danny Galieote

Gary Meyer

Bill Perkins

Kamille Corry

Erik Olson

Karl Gnass

John Asaro

Johanna Schwaiger

Mark Westermoe

And more…

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Lifetime means forever, right?

A. By lifetime, we mean that you will always have access to these libraries as long as New Masters Academy exists as an entity.

Q. Does this plan include everything on the New Masters Academy website?

A. Yes. You get access to the video lesson library, image reference database, and 3D model library as well as lesson downloadable handouts.

Q. How does the Certificate Program work?

A. After you enroll, you can choose an option (drawing, painting, sculpture, or digital art), and be assigned a list of lessons to go through. Once you have completed these lessons you may submit sample work illustrating that you have understood the concepts. Upon approval you will be mailed a physical copy of the Certificate to an address of your choosing.

Q. How does the free Coaching Session work?

A. After you enroll, our Coaching Program Coordinator will reach out to you to scheduled your free 30 minute session with one of our professional career artists.

Q. What happens if New Masters Academy goes out of business?

A. In this unlikely event, Life Members would have an opportunity to download their content onto personal drives.

Q. How does this value compare with month-to-month subscriptions?

A. Our month-to-month rate for the Video + 3D plan is $49/month. That comes out to $588 annually. If you compare that with our Lifetime Membership for $2,499 $2,299 you’ll realize that this is the best value we’ve ever offered – by far!

Q. What size is the T-Shirt?

A. The official New Masters Academy T-Shirt is a size Large, but other sizes may be available upon request. If you would like a different size, contact us immediately after you make your purchase.

Q. When will I get my signed book?

A. Because these are all individually signed by master artist Steve Huston, please allow several weeks to receive your signed copy of his book.

Q. Do you offer prorated pricing?

A. If you recently purchased an annual subscription, please contact us about prorated pricing.

What people are saying about New Masters Academy

These videos are a great way for me to constantly hone my craft as a professor, and of course as an artist. Many thanks for your continuing contributions!

Lisa Bedford
Lisa Bedford

Art Teacher

I am really enjoying these lessons! I’ve been a concept artist for years and it’s amazing how much I've been able to improve my work just from a few weeks of NMA.

Kevin Tran
Kevin Tran

Concept Artist

I really enjoy your classes, they have renewed my love of art and have inspired me to rework paintings I’ve abandoned for years!

Roberta Kramer
Roberta Kramer

Amateur Painter

I was a member of NMA for over three years, and decided to purchase the Lifetime subscription. Best decision ever! I love the instruction and the workshops! Thanks NMA for making this life changing learning opportunity possible for people all over the world!


The material covered and presented is top notch. I am at ease knowing I made a one time payment and have full access to an ever-expanding online library from the very best instructors. I’m also the proud owner of a SIGNED Steve Huston book, you can’t beat that!


NMA has tons of options to choose from including instructors, lessons, and even reference images. They also update their library weekly, so the sites content just keeps expanding. Being a Lifetime member grants me access to all of this, and I don’t have to ever worry about renewing my access.