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Constructive Head Drawing with Glenn Vilppu

Master draftsman Glenn Vilppu teaches his head drawing approach in this 10-part Learning Path. Learn everything from anatomical structures of the skull and face, to rendering techniques, to facial features and expressions.

8 Lessons 11h 11m 34s of videos

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Common Questions

Is this a good Learning Path for beginners?
Yes, this is a great introduction to portrait drawing for beginners!
Does this Learning Path include assignments?
There are no separate sections for assignments, but reference images are included along with the demonstrations. We recommend that you draw along with Glenn to get the most out of this series!
Glenn uses a digital tablet for some of his demonstrations. Do I have to use digital media to complete the assignments?
Not at all! You can complete this learning path using your preferred medium.
Ellen Eagle