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    Brittney BachBrittney Bach
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    I’m writing this as more of a question than a testimonial. But from the one class I’ve taken, this is a good platform. The question of what makes a good art teacher comes up a lot for me. What do I look for in one?

    I look for a guide. A mentor. I’ve realized that In trying to become a better artist, traits of my character have begun to emerge. My ability to deal with failure and ego and disappointment. Someone who can guide me through these moments as I look up and back down the mountain. Art for me is a therapy and for anyone to tell me how to do it is much like telling me how to feel. I want a teacher who remembers what it’s like to be the student.

    I’ve had several teachers who viewed themselves as godly because they could connect their left and right brains and create unbelievable artwork. They acted as though they walked on water. As if they came into this world with a pencil in hand. They didn’t teach. They talked down. And it turned me off to art for a long time. I’m 26 and I’ve only just dedicated myself to art again.

    I want the teacher who can make art exciting to learn like history or English. I want one who can acknowledge that the kid from the urban jungle won’t have the same big words and privilege, but have twice the heart in expressing their perspectives to the world. That artistry is like the color wheel it’s built on and doesn’t come from one place. Positive reinforcement is nice, belief is better.

    I want the art teacher who teaches because they feel it’s their calling to education the next generation of artists to be true themselves and have the confidence art demands! Not because they need a paycheck. Someone that judges a student not by their ability, which they may lack. But what they make up for with determination and dedication. Even in moments when quitting seems better. I am lifelong student and I love to learn. I will learn till the day I die. Even masters never stop learning. And my success will weigh heavily on the teacher that will take me to the mountaintop. Fear and all.

    Is this your teacher?

    Natalie MontelongoNatalie Montelongo
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    Brittney, I definitely think you should join our Coaching Program.
    NMA’s Coaching Program offers relatable artistic advice from talented, yet humble, successful artists.
    I hear you are seeking an instructor you feel connected to who can also offer positive criticism with a gentle approach.
    I am confident one of our Coaches can provide this to you. 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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