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    Jo SheridanJo Sheridan
    No points.

    I have been watching Sheldon’s stress free sketching videos and thought I had better apply myself to some of the exercises – gosh, he makes it look so easy, but when you get down to it there is so much to get wrong here… argh! anyway,  I discarded some of my original attempts – done while lounging on the sofa, and took myself off to the shed where I have to stand up, and take things more seriously – it always improves things no end… Bernini 2

    These are my attempts – I am a lot more confident with legs and arms, but I always seem to get a bit sloppy with the torso… comments welcome. Jo.

    PS – sorry, but I can only seem to add one image per post – am I doing something wrong – when I try to put another one in, it just repeats the original one…

    Carlos Perez
    No points.

    The secret is at the still life, no pressure for the figure , let’s keep on drawing. ::)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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