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    Hi everyone,

    i am new into sculptioning of the head (…correct name..?^^) with clay. My question aims towards the use of reference for that. It takes such a long time to build  and i dont want to convince somebody to sit down such a long time just for the practice of mine (when the final result is not yet so breathtaking^^). So: how do you practice to take the exact mesurements? From Fotos? I tried the 3 D Models here but i do still not meet the characteristics of the reference face. Do you have any advice from your experience what helped you learning to transform the 2D from the Foto into the 3D of the clay? Or other tips for reference? Or does it just takes time? I was thinking of using a skull for that… Thanks for your help!

    BR, Dafne

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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