100 Days of Learning to Draw (Fundamentals)

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    I love painting and creating art but struggle greatly with drawing – something that increasingly seems to be more in my head than anything. I tend to freeze up whenever I sit down to draw anything, and I know I just need to do it more often to get over this! So… I’m challenging myself to 100 days of drawing fundamentals. I’ve got a 9″x14″ sketchpad that I’ve started on with basic form and volume – am posting my first few pages below.

    Goal: Draw and post even a single form each day for 100 days, guided by fundamentals of drawing.


    Pre-challenge start…

    Starting with value scale and spheres…

    More sphere-like shapes… I feel like once I start relaxing and having fun with drawing, it gets so much better

    sphere practice

    But then … next day, pushing myself to do more – I lock up and everything takes way longer, is grueling-tedious, and looks wonky anyway.

    more spheres

    Nothing for a few days in frustration. Then came back and took a stab at cubes and cylinders…

    cube practice

    No badges. No points.

    Day 1 – basic shapes and shading

    basic shapes and shading

    And then some line practice with a number of different pens/pencils – found this kuretake brush pen much more fun (and less smeary/messy!) to draw with then then pencil. Also really love no erase option. Maybe will try to do more drawing with it…

    line practice with brush pen

    No points.

    Nice start! Good to see you embracing the fundamentals like this!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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