Level 6 Coaching

Have the World’s Best Help You Reach Your Goals.

This level offers an intensive learning plan and the opportunity to not only have your work reviewed by a Master artist, but the ability to have chat or phone meetings with them twice a month!


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Plan Features:

  • Initial Portfolio Review and Planning Session
  • Semiannual Portfolio Review and Planning
  • Weekly Learning Strategy Meeting
  • Weekly Assignment Review/Draw-Over Critique Images
  • Weekly Video Critique of Your Drawings, Paintings, or Sculptures
  • Semiannual VIDEO Portfolio Review with MASTER NMA Instructor
  • Two Monthly Phone or Chat Meetings with MASTER NMA Instructor
  • Full Access to the NMA Coaching Student Lounge
  • Personalized Learning Plan
  • High-Quality Reference Images
  • Suggested Reading List
  • Personalized NMA Curriculum
  • Career Advising
  • Suggested Materials Shopping List
  • Personalized Assignments
  • Lifetime Access to your Private Coaching Channel

Why Should I Choose the New Masters Academy Coaching Program?


The average cost to attend art school is over $40,000 a year! The Coaching program is a much more affordable alternative to a traditional art school. We offer a variety of plans so you can choose the best option for your budget. Plus, you can cancel anytime you like and have the option to return back where you left off when you?re ready.


Art is hard, and with the busy lives many of us lead, it can be difficult to find time for it. The Coaching Program gives you the ability to learn on your own time, whenever it?s convenient for you. Your NMA Coach is there to help you through every step of your journey, and they want to see you succeed. They will work with your schedule to help you meet your goals, at your own pace; no more having to stick to a strict class schedule!

Personalized E-Learning

Participating in the Coaching Program means learning one-on-one with a professional in the field, who actually cares about your progress; you aren?t one out of dozens of students in a class, and never have to worry about your questions not being answered. Your Coach will develop a learning plan tailored specifically to your needs, and you can go over subjects you need help with as many times as you need, unlike in a traditional classroom.

Our private Coaching sessions are designed to help you learn on your own time.


How do I communicate with my Coach?

We use a premium service called Slack? to give each of our Coaching students their own private chatroom with their Coach called your Private Coaching Channel. All of your Coaching conversations, meetings, questions, image and video submissions, etc are handled through this easy-to-use and high-quality service. You can access your Private Coaching Channel using any web browser on any internet-enabled device, or you can even download the Slack app on your mobile device or desktop computer. Don?t worry if you?re not especially tech savvy. We help you get set up every step of the way!



What is the first step after I sign up?

After signing up for this plan you will receive an email or phone call from our Student Coordinator who will help schedule your Initial Portfolio and Planning Session with your Coach. This introductory meeting will be the first conversation with your coach using your Private Coaching Channel. In this meeting your coach will get to know you as an artist and learn about your background, artistic goals, ideas, concerns or any challenges you may be facing. If you have images of some of your recent artwork or studies, you can upload those into the chat to give your Coach a better idea of where your skill level is at. The more information you provide your Coach, the better they can help develop a learning strategy for you.



How will my Coach help me to reach my goals?

During this initial meeting, you and your coach will create a Personalized Learning Plan. This is a 6-month plan that will help you achieve the goals you want to meet by the time your Semiannual Portfolio Review rolls around. But don?t worry?you are not required to continue for the full 6 months if you want to cancel your plan. After this initial first meeting, you will be assigned New Masters Academy lessons to watch and assignments to complete. You will go over your progress with your Coach in your next Strategy Meeting with your Coach, which, depending on your plan, can be monthly or weekly, and will involve a number of different features. To see what each plan offers, click here!